Spirited, adventurous and whimsical. Ai Sakura is a full-time working mother in the education industry. She lived portions of her life in Australia and Japan, but now calls Singapore home together with her beautiful daughter and loving husband. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Japanese, Ai Sakura has a passion for adventure and travel that she hopes to impart to her little girl. She currently muses about life experiences and memories on her personal blog, Sakura Haruka.


Amanda is a visionary at heart. From singing and writing music to following her heart in world missions, she is constantly trying to balance her big picture ideas with her craving for the practical steps that will lead to her goals. To add to the adventure, she is now a mama to a sweet baby girl! She now spends her days playing peek-a-boo, trying to keep up with baby, hubby, three dogs, and teaching a voice lesson here and there: in short, learning to find the amazing within the ordinary. When she finds a few moments, she likes to pocket her memories and share her experiences on her personal blog, Nightingale’s Lyric.


Ami is a Canadian stay-at-home mama to one handsome little man. Some of her favorite things include (in no particular order): dark chocolate, reality TV, thrift shopping, yoga, libraries, fall, puddle jumping, early morning walks, coffee, cooking, and of course her son’s hugs and slobbery kisses. You can find more of her and her recipes on her blog Parsnips and Pears.


A new mother to Cora Rose, Brie recently resigned from teaching middle school to pursue mommy-hood and writing full time. She is a world traveler at heart, having lived in places such as India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, New York City and more. Currently, Brie and her husband Luke consider Boulder, Colorado home. She recently finished her first novel, set in India, and is working on finding publication. When Brie is not chasing her daughter (or her dog) around the house, she can be found making light of life on her personal blog, Brie’s Blunderings.


Originally from Chile, Elizabeth now lives in Nashville with her husband and two little girls, ages two and five. Her home is a great mix of Spanish and English – empanadas and meatloaf. During the day she’s a production editor for a local publishing company, but in her spare time Elizabeth loves reading, writing, learning from different cultures and supposedly she loves TV and food a little more than she should. She considers herself an old-fashion mom with modern mom dreams. “I’ll let you know in 20 years if it works out.” Elizabeth and her husband strive to successfully balance family life with their own personal goals as they raise the girls, their life’s treasures.


Gina DeMillo Wagner is a professional writer, photographer and mother of two. Her parenting blog, The Daily B, chronicles her confessions, snapshots, and creative pursuits. She’s been featured in national magazines, parenting and design websites including Apartment Therapy, Ohdeedoh, and Prudent Baby.

The Daily B’s tagline is “parenting by the seat of our pants since 2007,” and that’s also Gina’s motto for life. She believes it’s okay to wing it, to not have all the answers, to toss the parenting books aside and trust your instincts. You’re wiser than you think you are.


Keely is a playwright and blogger from Chicago, where she lives with her husband and their daughter. Her favorite topics: the fixer-uppiest house ever, her toddler’s hilarity, and her erroneous belief that she is a Feng Shui master. She’s a gold medal napper who cannot count without using her fingers, yet can recite every lyric ever penned. You can also find her on her blog, Lollygagblog.


Madeline is a Singaporean mother of one who absolutely adores pink, theme parks, collecting collections, painting, crafting and grabbing stuff when it’s on sale. Even though she is perpetually on a diet, she simply can’t live without dark chocolates and coke light. Featured in local newspapers and parenting websites, her personal blog MadPsychMum @ University of Motherhood chronicles her experiences as a graduate student and mother. Also an avid traveller and hardcore advocate of breastfeeding, Madeline regularly documents her overseas trips and reviews nursing rooms with incredible detail and enthusiasm on her blog.


Rachael lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and two crazy cats. She works for a nonprofit organization focused on family stability and early childhood education. Her hobbies include reading, buying shoes and baking with her daughter.