Alanna is a stay at home mom and writer living in British Columbia, Canada. Trying to find the balance between her love of writing, motherhood and cookies is always a challenge, some days succeeding, others… with a latte. Currently she is the Green Living editor of TimeFinders Magazine. You can follow her experiences as a soon-to-be mother of three on her blog NutterMother where she speaks from her gut, usually without a filter – always interesting.


Children have always been especially important to Katie. She has been a camp counselor, Sunday school teacher, babysitter, and 3rd grade school teacher. Now she’s beginning a new adventure: her own baby boy, Nolan! Katie is so excited about her new life as a stay-at-home mom. With a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Elementary Education from Belmont University, she has combined her love of children with an interest in promoting good health. She loves the outdoors and hikes with Nolan whenever the weather permits. She’s a life-long learner, passionate about nurturing kids and supporting other moms. Katie and her husband, Solomon, currently live in Nashville, Tennessee. You can also follow Katie’s daily happenings on her personal blog, Counting Joys.


Keri is committed to sharing her journey through “the middle place” – the place women fall into during their thirties, forties, and fifties which involves being the primary caretakers for their children as well as their parents. The pain and beauty that women may experience in this oxymoronic place is unmatched, and through Keri’s writing, she hopes to reach and help other women navigate their own unique journeys. At the start of her career, Keri worked as an occupational therapist in hospitals and schools then went on to earn a Master’s degree in secondary education. She taught middle school language arts and reading before giving birth to her son, Calvin. Now, Keri is embracing her new life as a stay-at-home-mom, youth advocate, and writer. Among Keri’s favorite things to do are watching her toddler explore the world, hiking and snowshoeing, cooking, practicing yoga, dancing, and writing her young adult novel. You can also follow Keri’s journey through “the middle place” on her personal blog, Who’s Shee?.


Kristen became a mother in February 2010 when she welcomed her beautiful daughter Jenessa into the world. From that moment on – her life was forever changed! During the first several weeks, Kristen struggled to balance the love and excitement she felt for her precious new baby with the overwhelming feelings of doubt and anxiety of becoming a new mom. It was then that she decided to use her love of writing to speak to mothers, and deliver the simple message that she longed to hear, “you are not alone!”

In September 2011 she and her husband of nearly ten years, became the proud parents to their second baby, their son Justice. Juggling two busy little ones, Kristen is challenged each day in finding just the right balance between family and working from home as a writer. Her journey can be followed via her blog, Not aLone Mom.


Balancing has never been her strong suit, but Mandy is getting an AP-style tutorial in juggling life courtesy of her new career as mother to Joseph, born in late June 2010. When she’s not reading every motherhood book on the market, enjoying her son’s new discoveries (blowing raspberries is the hilarity du jour), helming the household and ducking out of any potential cooking duties – she runs and designs for her two award-winning businesses, Squared Studios and Peach Leaf Paperie. Mandy firmly believes in the concept of giving back, something which she hopes to instill in her son, and serves on several community non-profit boards and committees. A die-hard Florida Gator fan and a Philadelphia native, she now enjoys the balmy breezes from life in a seaside town in Florida where she resides with her son, husband and ornery dog, Odin.


Changing the world isn’t just a daytime job, for Marcy changing the world means intentionally investing in marriage and family. Marcy is an aunt of seven spunky and uniquely gifted kiddos. As the wife of an aspiring ceramic artist, Marcy seeks creative outlets to express her passions. Her latest masterpiece is Taking Clipping Out of Couponing – a workshop series aimed at giving relationships two less things to argue about… overspending and impulse shopping.

Margaret Jane

Margaret Jane is a stay-at-home mom, the proud mother of two wonderful boys and wife to a fantastic husband in Franklin, Tennessee. When she isn’t wiping noses, watching Sesame Street, chasing after a two year old or cleaning the kitchen she enjoys going for walks, reading and cooking. Margaret Jane thinks parenting is the hardest, most exhausting and best job in the world.


Melissa is the mother of three girls. Five-year-old Lucy, a curly force of nature, is big sister. Two-year-old Daphne, a spunky former micro-preemie, is the surviving identical twin to angel Leah. Born and raised in Brazil, Melissa has lived in many places but her heart belongs to New York City where she works. She enjoys connecting with other families of preemies and kids with special needs through her blog, Catching Up with Daphne. Melissa and husband Zev, a children’s musician, live in Westchester County, NY.


Molly is a busy working mum of two with another on the way. She juggles an action-packed career in marketing at Show and Stay, a coop of unruly chickens and the constant demands of two-year-old Imogen, six-year-old Oscar and five-year-old labrador, Vincent. The family can generally be found getting up to all manner of mischief on the cobbled streets of their hometown, Canterbury, UK.


Rachel grew up on a small farm in western Michigan. Through her education and experiences she developed a firm dedication to conservation, an obnoxious gravity towards traveling and a palate for expensive cheese. She has taught biology at a Michigan university, been a horticulturist for a renowned garden and best of all an auntie (five times!). Her current location is in The Netherlands, where she is tackling one of the least romantic languages in the world and diving head first into a PhD program. She wants to be a mama someday soon.


From an early age, Chef Regina has been fascinated with food and flavor. A mix of Italian, German and Brazilian heritage opened her eyes to a wide range of cuisine. As she and her husband traveled the world, Regina also took the opportunity to learn from some of the best chefs in schools across the United States and Europe. Like her mother and grandmother before her, she sees food as a way of bringing joy to others and her inspiration has always been to combine the beauty and creativity of contemporary culinary arts with a taste of home. Chef Regina is the owner and chocolatier behind the Blushing Berry, making sweets and savories you’ll soon come to crave. She is also the mother of two girls.


After spending her life in Indonesia and the USA, Tania and her husband have recently relocated to Hong Kong to start a family. She is currently a stay at home mom, raising her toddler boy, Nolan, in the midst of the busy life of Hong Kong. An architect and hotelier at heart, she strives to combine her passion of food, design and travel with motherhood. She can’t wait until Nolan is ready to travel the world, but in the meantime is busy with Pilates, baking, and creating toys for him.