Welcome to Motherhood

Remember when you were single, immersed in a world of similarly single friends who completely understood your weekly need to balance clubbing and red high heels with old romantic movies and tubs of Chubby Hubby? Ah, the glorious gal pal days. We swore never to let anything come between us, to channel Carrie Bradshaw and cohorts until we all turned gray. Cabana boys and cocktails coming right up.

But then it happened. You met your Cary Grant, your George Clooney, or maybe your very own Damon Bradley. Suddenly life became a rose-colored romance with just enough room in the script for two. You found yourself packing away the pumps in exchange for lazy Saturdays mornings and candlelit dinners downtown. Your single girlfriends grew tired of hearing you gush over Mr. Right and inevitably your social circles changed. C’est la vie.

So, now you discover you’re headed for another turn in the road. Welcome to motherhood – land of the semifree, home to only the very brave. Where to turn? Well, imagine my surprise when upon discovering that we were expecting our first child, we also learned that more than a handful of friends were going through the exact same experience at the exact same time. Trust me, nothing strengthens a bond quite like sharing the most intimate details of morning sickness. And even though we’re spread out across the globe, somehow this new role connects us like no other has before.

Why Mama Moderne? Well, there’s only so many times you can update your Facebook status with news of your dilation before people start to cringe. Even the most well-meaning husbands need a break from listening to the latest on breastfeeding techniques and these days it seems we could all do with a little more help from veterans of the maternity ward. Welcome to a new home, my ever-expanding living room of sorts – a place where all moms, from wannabes to seasoned pros, can come together to share life. So bring the Starbuck’s, kick off your shoes and don’t hesitate to chime in!

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