Printing off templates to put on your fridge is a thing of that past. Marcy shares how to go green and save time by using a quick SmartPhone tip.

Menu planning, coordinating schedules, chore charts. You’re trying to keep your family in order and organization tools seem to come in the form of a template you can print off the Internet. Right?

Organization tools do still come in hard copy form just like books do. But, since the wave of iPhone and Android phones and tablets, many organizational tools have gone virtual in the form of an app you can download for free or for a few bucks.

How can you find these apps with ease? Google “(what you’re looking for) app” and it’s likely you’ll find a couple of solutions available for immediate download – and many times for free! For instance, if you’re…

Looking for a way to get your kiddos to brush their teeth and make their bed?
You might enjoy the free iRewardChart Lite app for iPhone and iPad which awards digital stars for each time a chore, task, or behavior (did not talk back to mom) occurs. You pick what things earn how many stars and then you also get to choose what your kiddos can earn as they accrue their stars (like spending cash, an ice cream cone, or 30 minutes of t.v. watching).

Wishing you could stop throwing away so much uneaten food from your fridge?
While I haven’t found the free fairy godmother app that will do the cooking and cleaning for us, with Google’s help I did find the Menu Planner app available from iTunes. Through this app you can keep track of what is in your fridge and cross-reference what you have on hand with your favorite online and hard copy recipes so you can eat what you already have. For $2.99 this app requires a little extra front end time to upload your current food inventory, but the amount you’ll save on your grocery bill from here on out could be worth your time.

I hope you’ll enjoy some extra time with your family this month!

– Marcy, Taking Clipping Out of Couponing