If you have ever practiced ballet, then the name Aleksandra Efimova may already be familiar to you. She is the founder of Russian Pointe, Inc, one of the most distinguished and highly recognized makers of professional ballet slippers. Her brand is the most sought after by dancers worldwide, with each slipper uniquely handcrafted in Moscow. Her elegant Russian Pointe Dance Boutique opened in Chicago on the Magnificent Mile in 2006.

Her passion for the arts has since stemmed into a beautiful new line of children’s books. Aleksandra founded Growing Through Arts in 2010 as a way of encouraging young children to discover the fine arts. Each book is intended to help build character, increase creativity and help children use their imagination while gaining confidence. We were so taken with the simple, yet elegant illustrations, along with the classic activities found in her workbooks. The recently launched pillow dolls and stage scene playsets are also must haves in our book! Each piece is lovely and so thoughtful in every detail.

The ballet series currently features Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and the Nutcracker. The musical series features Twist, The Snow Maiden Opera and Peter and the Wolf. Aleksandra also hopes to extend the line to astronomy, cultures of the world and sports.

The book series, workbooks and toys make perfect holiday gifts. We are so excited to be partnering with Growing Through Arts to offer Mama Moderne readers a special gift. For a limited time, buy one storybook and get a practice and playbook free! Simply mention the code mamamoderne when ordering to receive this promotion. One per customer. Shop online at Growing Through Arts.

– Ana, Mama Moderne