I have to admit that if I had heard of gDiapers before C was born, she would have been in them from the start. Although I really did want to commit to cloth diapers, both for her sake and the planet’s, I just could not picture it working for us. What if something ‘big’ happened while we were out? Or what about those occasions when someone else is watching her? And despite all the good they do, I had heard way too many horror stories of leaks, splats and other natural disasters.

But then, imagine a world in which you could enjoy the benefits of both – cloth for the most part, and disposables when you need them. Also picture your baby’s tush wrapped in your softest cotton t-shirt, decked out in the cutest prints. That’s where we fell in love with gDiapers. They offer a hybrid system for those of us who would love to be green, but can’t fully commit.

Let’s start with their gPants. The system’s outer shell is breathable, comfy and offers a lot less bulk than the alternatives. They come in a wide array of vibrant colors and fabulous prints. Each gPant comes with a little gPant Pouch, which helps keep the mess where it belongs – meaning less leaks, less washing and easier changes. Their cloth diapers are super soft and best of all, their gRefills or disposable diapers are earth-friendly enough that you can even flush them. So poop goes where it belongs!

We’re loving the colors for Spring. And if you’re a newbie to gDiapers, make sure to check out their gBaby bundles for getting started. Everything thing you need in one box.

– Ana, Mama Moderne