Alright, let’s talk hair. I will admit that I have fought with my lovely locks for years. Since they refused to take sides from the start – not too curly, not too straight – we have always been at odds.

Coming from Brazil and growing up in the Midwest, all I wanted was to fit in with the stick-straight, frizz-free blondes I knew – well, with the exception of that terrible crimping phase, a trend that thankfully met with a very quick and timely death. Whose brilliant idea was that anyhow? Zig-zag hair… seriously?

There was the Boy George fiasco when I decided to sweep all my hair to one side and wear a hat. The photo looked like a bad movie poster for Edward Scissorhands (and no, don’t even think to ask… it will never see the light of day). Then there was the boyfriend bob, the cockatoo bangs, the Cher revival, along with countless other bad decisions. My family album paints a tragic tale…

In high school I was introduced to the Chi – a tool most girls with similar hair DNA would agree is well-deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize. Simple, quick, hot as magma… but extremely effective. Before I knew it I had spent years of my life smoothing away all signs of unruliness. My hair was now decidedly straight, but like the Wicked Witch of the West, it just couldn’t be met with it’s arch nemesis… water.

Enter motherhood. Although the Chi is quick, a screaming infant requires something even quicker, and so dawns the age of “whatever’. If I am not going out today, then my hair shall be as it was when I exited the shower. After years of high heat and hairbrushes, that amounts to only one thing… a very hot mess.

So, once again, enter my fashion-forward younger sister with a promise to save the day and a new discovery. No Poo.

Yes, you read it right, and we are not discussing diapers here. At first, her explanation of this innovative technique sounded rather unpleasant and downright gross. No more shampoo, no more combs or brushes. Were we talking dreads here, because I was not feeling the Marley vibe. Matted patches of greasy week-old hair? Sorry, not sold.

So she walked me through the book and pointed out that my natural hair, if properly maintained, could look just like the glossy and flowing spiral curls adorning Megan Fox.

Well obviously, I was sold.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that you actually do get to wash your hair daily if needed, just with a sulfate-free cleanser. You comb your hair with your fingers in the shower while conditioning, so no rats will be taking up residence. And finally, you dry your locks with a cotton t-shirt, but overall… not as strange as it could be.

Will this lovely new trend hold? Well, only time will tell. The day I wake up and mistake myself in the mirror for the Fantastic Miss Fox, I’ll make sure to post a picture.

– Ana, Mama Moderne