Excuse me, but did I miss the day when women were taught to walk elegantly in high heels? Was it an extracurricular activity I forwent in exchange for more time with my sketchbooks or some sorority girl initiation thing I missed out on in college? It seems that somehow, that skill was completely lost on me. Slip my cute little feet into anything higher than three inches and prepare to watch a wet noodle dance across the room – a downright scary sight.

If you are one of those women who can chase a toddler down a flight of stairs in sexy, six inch peep-toes… well, let’s just say there’s a lot of loathing mixed in with my admiration. If only….

In sharp contrast to my wet noodle wobble stands my younger sister. She was born a stilt-walker, which really does not help the cause since she is already a few inches taller. I remember borrowing a pair of her strappy sandals once an nearly twisting an ankle just walking out the door. At her wedding all bridesmaids were ‘requested’ to wear tiny heels just so that the maid of honor did not ruin the big day by rolling down the aisle. See… it really is so sad.

Think I need to take a crash course on the subject. Maybe just spend a week or two doing household chores in some swanky stilettos? Changing diapers and scrubbing dishes in pretty patent pumps? I doubt the gentleman of the house would be opposed to walking in on that sight.

Then again, knowing my husband, he would probably much rather avoid the medical bills.

– Ana, Mama Moderne