Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to making big purchases. If you’re willing to do the leg work and look around, Marcy shows you how to save big on your next investment…

Making a big purchase is a big decision. But did you know you can decide how BIG your savings will be?

Fight the myth. Most believe that the price on the shelf sticker is what I have to pay. But the reality is you can create your own sales anytime.

Here’s our recent example. Our big purchase of the year: blinds. How we saved BIG…

  • My husband and I started talking about the design and feel we were looking for last year.
  • Since we knew we’d be in the market for blinds in the coming future, we picked up info on Costco’s Member Blinds program one day when we were in the warehouse. This became our starting price point.
  • Last month, we decided we wanted to look at what Home Depot had to offer so we could compare prices, so we popped in while out running errands.
  • We discovered a similar style of blinds to what we were looking for. When we looked at the price, we noticed there was a special 20% off manufacturer sale. At this point, the price was not significantly different, until…
  • I called the store and spoke with a manager about stacking a coupon with the sale. The manager said I could. I wrote down his name and immediately…
  • I went eBay and bought a 10% Lowe’s/Home Depot coupon for $1.50 (shipping + handling included) from a trusted seller.
  • That same night, I went on Plastic Jungle and purchased enough Home Depot gift cards (for less than face value) to cover the purchase.
  • One week later, I received the coupon and gift cards and went to Home Depot to purchase our blinds. We saved 20% through the manufacturer’s sale, 10% with our coupon, and 7% with our Plastic Jungle gift cards.
  • In total, we saved $595.11 (33%) on our BIG purchase! (Compared to Costco’s blind program, we saved $400.71.)

The BIG secret? Being patient. It’s normal for us to want our desires to be fulfilled immediately. Do I sound like a small child in your family? But the best deals come to those who plan ahead. What are you looking to save BIG on?