Preparing to bring home your new bundle of joy? Make sure to check out Katie’s list of the top five items you’ll need during those first few weeks at home.

Boppy pillow

If you’re a first-time mom like me, it probably takes some time for you and your baby to learn how to work together in breastfeeding. The Boppy pillow helped my baby and me get comfortable so that we could relax and figure out the best techniques for us. A friend actually made a miniature pillow that’s a C-shape for me also. This is very handy to keep out in the living room for multiple uses: breastfeeding, recliner for baby, extra support for my back, or arm rest while I’m holding my baby.

Burp Cloths

For all of the unexpected burps, spits, leaks, drools, and snots, we keep burp cloths handy all around the house. We’ll probably care less and less about being messed on, but we still like to clean everything in the first month.

Cloth diapers are very helpful burp clothes. When I put it over my shoulder for burping, it’s wide enough to catch almost anything Nolan throws my way. And if you notice that all the other clothes are in the dirty laundry (like I did yesterday) you can just fold the sides over the middle part for continued use! I also use cloth diapers for his changing pad. It’s the perfect size to lay Nolan on at changing time. So if there’s a mess made from either end during a change, I can replace the cloth instead of the pad cover.

Swaddle Blankets

At the hospital, the nurses kept Nolan swaddled with two blankets all day and night. He seemed to enjoy being held in the tight position that he was used to for several months. Nolan still sleeps the best when he’s wrapped up tightly, snug as a bug!

I was so proud that I learned to wrap him tightly like the nurses did! But after a couple of weeks, he became big enough, strong enough, and feisty enough to kick the blankets off. So now we’re using blankets designed for swaddling. There’s a pouch for his legs and body with Velcro tabs to fold across. Yesterday I began using the Miracle Blanket. This one doesn’t have any Velcro, it has material long enough for wrapping. It kept his arms at his sides, and he slept like a baby!

Monkey Bouncer

Although I like to keep my newborn baby close to me as much as possible, there are times when it’s safest for him to not be held. So when I’m in the kitchen or taking out the trash, I put Nolan in his monkey bouncer. It’s like a hammock for babies, and ours just happens to have monkeys on it. Since he’s not big enough for his high chair, yet, I like to keep him close to us in the bouncer during meals.


Yes, for the mommy! I believe the mommy’s top priority in the first month should be bonding with baby. So new mommies out there, get comfortable and don’t worry about anything else besides your new, precious bundle of joy! I’m getting a lot of wear out of my nursing nightgown with its matching robe. It actually gives me a little dignity to know that my gown and robe match even if my face and hair look awful!

My baby also spends most of his time in PJ’s. My favorite pajamas for him are called “Sleep ‘n Plays”. They are one-piece outfits that cover his feet and zip up. I prefer these over gowns because they keep his feet warm and are still easy to open for changing diapers.

I’d love to hear from other new moms! What are your top five things for baby’s first month?